Before you dig into the concept of domain & hosting, you can imagine that the website is home and domain is the home address, hosting is the land to build houses. And in website design domain and hosting are things that are attached and inseparable.

What is a domain?
In the internet world, how can people find you, to remember to communicate with you? If you always need full information such as name, address, etc., a website should be similar. Domain means the domain name, which is your website address. The domain name is the same as the home address, never identical, can be said to be unique.

Domain structure
Domain names are often associated with the business name or product of the business. Composed of 2 parts:
For example. pdusoft.com
First part: is the name you want to put in relation to the business name (webico, tiki, lazada …)
The last part: is the domain name type
Domain name types have 2 types:
National domain name: The national domain name will add the “.vn” extension behind, for example .org.vn, .com.vn, .biz.vn, …
International domain names: .net, .biz .org, .info, …

Depending on the organizational model and business needs, you will be granted domain names in the following forms:
1- COM: Commercial (COMmercial)
2- NET: Network (NETwork)
3- ORG: Organizations (ORGnizations)
4- INFO: Information (INFOmation)
5- EDU: Education (EDUcation)
6- MOBI: Mobile phone
So in short, domain (domain name) is the address of your business website. Domain names include many components that are separated by dots (.). Domain names are also divided into several levels, high level only one dot (Google.com, Facebook.com, …), the next level usually has two dots (hitu.edu.com, ..)
What is hosting?

Your website contains images, articles, source code, … and that place is called hosting or server.
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Server also known as server, hardware system to store data. In a server can contain many different hosting (share hosting).
Hosting means website hosting and maintenance services. To operate, the website should be hosted on a server (server) connected to the Internet and operating continuously 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
If possible, you can equip yourself with a dedicated server or rent a large enough space on the service provider’s server to store website content to make it accessible to anyone. this content anytime, anywhere.
Domain and hosting are completely separate. But there is a relationship with each other. That is of course when they are all important parts of web design to ensure the domain name, interface, content container … all must be perfect. Good luck.
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So, through the above section, what is your domain and what is hosting? Now I will learn more “Who needs to buy hosting and domain”:
1: People who buy Domain and hosting are mainly website builders who need to make websites.
2: People learning information technology (web programming)

So if you want to sell domain and hosting, we have to target 2 objects above.

After targeting the audience who needs to use domain and hosting, the next question is to find them where?
Answer: You should look for these people in “web design” groups, “seo marketing” groups, “web programming” groups.


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